3 Things from Yesterday…

3 Things from Yesterday…

Yesterday was one of those days.


I was tired.  I was hungry.  My body ached.  My jeans were too tight.


Anyone ever had one of those days?


Thing #1 – Negative Self Talk

Yesterday marked exactly 9 days post-marathon.  This also meant that yesterday was exactly 9 days since I’ve run.  A bonus is that yesterday was also the start of my period week! 🙁  Perfect storm of awful, right?

My post-marathon plan was to listen to my body and not attempt to run until at least 10-14 days have past–unless I felt GREAT!  Well I haven’t felt great, so I haven’t run — exactly on plan, right?

What’s not good — and is indeed very bad — is that I got so in my head about this!  I went into this spiral of negative self talk — where I was just sure I’d gain all my weight back if I wasn’t running.  Immediately I felt like I had to restrict my calories and track every bite *shakes head*

I’ve struggled with this Post-Marathon transition business.  It doesn’t feel right to not be training for something.  It definitely doesn’t feel like I’m moving my body enough — since I’m limiting myself to yoga and stretching until my body feels better.  So I’m just sitting a lot more — sitting around my house, sitting around my office, trying to let my feet heal… And it’s almost like I can feel my belly growing from laziness!


Thing #2 – Frantic desire to find the “right program”

Negative self talk spiraled uncontrollably down to base self image land until I found myself thumbing through my Rolodex of Diets.  Like an idiot drunk dialing an ex, I literally was sitting there thinking, “Oh, maybe I should try ____ again — I lost ___ pounds on it!”.  Ugh… I had to *figuratively* slap myself!


If the last 3 years of my 185-190 Plateau haven’t taught me that those diets don’t work, I don’t know what will.


I don’t need a quick fix diet.  I don’t want to calorie count, point count, or portion count for the rest of my life!  I want to use tools to learn how to eat in a way that will get me to my goal weight and keep me there forever!


Thing #3 – Binging on Milk Duds

You know that feeling where you have to eat all your favorite foods today, because your diet starts tomorrow?

What if you constantly told yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow”?  Then your “today” eating will be NUTS! Right?

That’s what happened to me!  I was sitting there (slightly hungry because it was close to dinner time), skipping around negative self-image land, considering diets — when the urge to eat every milk dud in the world kicks in.  Without a thought, I grabbed a box — and downed it.  Eating aggressively and quickly — and didn’t taste a bite!

Like all binges, I was left unsatisfied — so I also tackled a dozen crackers with cheese.

I felt gross afterwards… like I always do… I felt super embarrassed and ashamed — until I felt the cold slap of reality!  OF COURSE I BINGED!  MY thoughts were circling diets and losing weight INSTEAD OF getting healthy.  No sense in feeling bad about it — instead CHANGE the pattern of behavior.



Important Questions

To change a behavior, I have to identify it and the reason for it — and then address it directly.

So I sat back and asked myself: “Why did you just binge?”

  • *Period week = all the emotions
  • *Bad self talk — negative self image
  • *Looking for quick fix = diet mentality = trap!
  • *Emotional Eating!

Battle plan for next time I’m feeling emotional — to prevent this cycle from repeating:

  • Identify the emotion (sad? lonely? needy? tired? underappreciated? in need of love?)
  • Communicate that I’m feeling this emotion (with myself or with my spouse or in my journal)
  • Non-food reward or task or activity to keep mind engaged and occupied (knitting, practice handwriting, coloring, crocheting, puzzles, self manicure, go shopping!, take a bath, etc…)

Often times, I feel super sad or moody or in need of “spoiling” — and I self medicate with treats.  This does not work!  I still feel sad or moody or in need of spoiling — so next time, I will implement a non-food reward or activity!


Other important questions: “Why am I plateauing?  What’s stopping my progress?”

  • *Cheat meals – multiple times per week
  • *Laziness in the kitchen = fast food & junk food multiple times a week
  • *Eating too quickly to recognize hunger/fullness
  • *Emotional Eating

Battle plan to combat this plateau:

  • Eat for your goals!  Cheat meals shouldn’t be squandered, but used appropriately and to full potential!
  • Reassign roles in kitchen — Eric cooks, I clean
  • Eat cute!  Goal – nibble and taste, don’t just shovel it in!  Eat in front of a mirror so you can see how it looks when you shovel it in!
  • See above plan for emotional eating


How do you handle the Post-marathon Blues?

Do you have any battle plans for combat things in your way?

Are you an emotional eater?

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