Hubby told me that I need to find a new hobby.




Apparently obsessing about running (and health and working out) doesn’t count as a “hobby” because it isn’t balanced.  And this blog doesn’t count either… What??


In the past, I have dabbled in other hobbies — knitting, crocheting, sketching, etc… More creative or “frivolous” hobbies that were “just for fun”.  Hubby thinks that since I set goals for myself in my running and in my writing that it’s more like work than fun, but I feel this is unfair!  I set goals for myself for my craftier hobbies as well!  Completing a project is usually the goal.


When I set my mind to making something, whether it’s by sketching or yarn work, I obsess over it until it’s finished.  Is this still a hobby?


“You’re like  a loaded gun…”

Apparently this tenacity of purpose surprises my husband (and others).  I have this nature where I dive head first into whatever I’m working on and just go go go until it’s done!

I blame it on my momma.  And my dad.


My Korean Mom is a tenacious person.  She always has been.  When she has an idea – she pursues it single mindedly until she sees it come to fruition.  This is sometimes great — but sometimes it’s difficult because her ideas aren’t always stellar.  (She’s only human, afterall!)  Growing up it meant that a day could completely change from relaxed to chaos in a split second.  Once the idea hits, it’s like someone kicked the whole family into hyperdrive.  It’s also difficult to derail her.

Once her mind is set on something, she can’t hear any other perspectives.  She’s made her decision.  Nothing else matters.  This was hard — especially for my dad.


My dad is stubborn!  When sets his mind to something, there’s no budging him.  When both my folks were on the same team, it was like Batman and Robin — unstoppable!  On the few occasions where they disagreed, oh boy — this was an issue.


There were several “projects” that were started at 3am — like painting the entire family room.  Or sewing all of our Easter Dresses.  (*Did I mention my mom is an excellent seamstress?)


Perfect Combo?

My KM is a bit manic — and I have about two tablespoons of that in me.  My tenacity comes off as more of a passion than jet fuel.

My dad is super stubborn — and I have about a quarter cup of that in me.  My stubbornness can be swayed — but usually only by logic.


This combo is perfect!  Sort of…  I mean, as I mentioned, I dive headfirst and get stuff done!  It does mean that I find it hard when a project is complete or once I cross the finish line.  I get into this listless state and feel aimless.


That’s probably why hubby said I need a hobby.  He’s sick of watching me scroll through lists of upcoming races, trying to decide if I’d be ready to run again in two/three/four weeks.  He wants me to switch my focus to something else for a bit.  I get it.  Balance — he just loves me and wants me to enjoy myself (and doesn’t realize how much I enjoy running…).



Are you ever accused of being too obsessed with running?

What are your hobbies?

Should I try something new?

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