November Plank Challenge

November Plank Challenge

Happy “It’s Almost Christmas” Everyone!!


It’s November 1st, so I can officially begin being annoyed by all things Christmas!  Yay!


Still Struggling

I’m still trying to figure out what’s next for me now that I’ve ran a full marathon.  Sunday marked 2 weeks post marathon, so I’m considering running again — but I’m also considering switching to something like Crossfit or more traditional strength training.

My main health/fitness goal is to be swift and strong — like a ninja.

As a runner, I’m not super swift… so I have a goal to run an 8 minute mile.  I also want to start PR-ing and run a sub 25 minute 5K.

I’m also not super strong.  I mean, I’m sort of strong — I have some baby muscle seedlings sprouting up on my biceps and my legs have always been a bit beastly (in a good way), but I want to be strong.  I also want to lean out — as my marathon training, though intense and 9+months long, led to no real weight loss to speak of.


Beyond Weight…

In order to be swift and strong, I need to be fully nourished.  This is also important since I hope to become a mom someday — eventually — and want to do my part to ensure I’ve done everything possible to be in tip top shape.  This means that I have some goals beyond weight and beyond strength/fitness.

My aim is to be healthy, so I want to eat more at home and drink more water.

As for non-food related goals, I want to have more “screen -free” time during my day.  Primarily because my eyes are always bloodshot — though I have no allergies, don’t rub them, and eye drops don’t change anything.  My job requires use of a computer during the day — but once I’m home, my poor eyes need a break.


Hubby’s Advice about Hobbies

As much as it pains me to admit it, hubby was right — I need different hobbies.  I need non-food/fitness hobbies that are fun and enrich me as a person.  I haven’t figured it out yet — so I’m making the whole “shopping around for hobbies” my current hobby.

This means I’m sketching, doing crossword puzzles, trying to read more, and attempting to broaden my horizons.



What are you struggling with currently?

Do you set goals for yourself like I do?

What types of goals are you currently working on?



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  1. Hahahah shopping around for hobbies as a hobby, I love it! After we finish with home improvement stuff I should probably shop around for non-running related hobbies too. I do watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube, but that’s not very productive, especially because I don’t really implement any of the tips (too much work haha)!

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