I took a BOOTCAMP class!!

I took a BOOTCAMP class!!

You read the title correctly — I took a bootcamp class last night!  And DIDN’T DIE!



If you’ve been following this blog for a few weeks, you’ll notice I’m floundering with the Post Marathon Blues.  Running a marathon was a huge goal which I previously thought was unachievable — or at least something I’d have to work on for a few more years.  Now that I’ve checked the box next to that goal, I’ve had to re-evaluate and make new goals.

My overall goal for health/fitness is to be swift and strong.  I aim for full blown ninja status — so I have some work cut out for me.

With this in mind, and having a hubby that has similar goals, we’ve been trying to shake up the routine.  Our normal “go to” dumbbell at home workouts were boring and lack luster.  It’s also really hard to motivate each other to want to work out when we’re both tired and the couch is inches away.  So when hubby came home and mentioned a workmate invited us to their gym, I was stoked!


Our little town doesn’t have much in the way of gyms.  There’s one “family” fitness type place, that’s overcrowded and really just has a bunch of cardio equipment and machines.  My work offers a gym, but hubby can’t join me — so I end up camping out there amongst the students trying to get my bench presses in.  Other than that, our choices were limited to building an at home gym or traveling over 20mins to find a suitable environment.

In comes hubby’s workmate and the invite.  Apparently, a bunch of others in our town felt the same way about the lackluster gym offerings and pooled together to create a functional fitness based (think Crossfit but less intense) like gym — that offers Bootcamp style group classes as well as equipment for open gym times.

The first class is free to attend, so there was no risk to try – except in pride and possible injury.



Hubby had access to the Workout of the Day — WOD?  I don’t know if they call it that but all my Crossfit friends do.


We warmed up with a 200m run (which felt awesome BTW — super short so I could run fast!) then squats, shoulder rolls, and 150 single jump ropes.  If you did Double Unders you only had to do 50 — so setting that as a personal goal…

Then there were 5 stations — we did Tabatas which meant 20 seconds of hard work with 10 seconds to recover.  We repeated this 8 times for 4 total minutes.  They gave us a 1 minute break between stations and then we repeated this 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Station 1 – Battle Ropes/Static Hang.  We had to swing huge ropes as fast as we could — and they were heavy!  Then we had to hang from pullup bars — but I couldn’t hold it so I used some gymnastic runs that were lower.

Station 2 – Hammer Swings/Tire Jumps.  We had to use sledgehammers to hit a huge tractor tire = then jump up (step up) on it!

Station 3 – Row/Tricep Dips.  We had a big group so this was adjusted.  We used a row machine which I LOVED and then we did bench tricep dips which hurt like heck.

Station 4 – V-ups/Russian Twist.  All about abs at this station.  V-ups were like reverse crunches and Russian twists made us use a medicine ball to twist our upper body.  My abs BURNED

Station5 – Wall Sit.  No explanation needed, but so much shaking and pain!

We started and ended the workout the same way — with jump ropes.  The starting 150 were WAY easier than the ending 150.




The group setting called to my inner competitor.  I didn’t wanna punk out in front of strangers.  I also really liked the end when I had a chance to meet some folks.  As a chatter, I love meeting new people!

I also really liked that we were done and home and showered by 7:30PM.  It was literally an hour workout.  Boom, done.

We’ll have to get hubby’s thoughts — but I’m SO IMPRESSED by him.  He really seemed to struggle at certain points… but he did not give up!  We both sat there like the sweaty messes we were — but were AMPED!


We’ve discussed going back on Friday!





Have you ever taken a group fitness class?

How did it go for you?

What is your favorite type of workout?

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  1. Congrats on surviving your first bootcamp episode! I’m a CrossFitter now, but I did bootcamps before. Maybe you’ll enjoy CrossFit too, who knows? Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂

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