Thursday Things…

Thursday Things…

Weigh in

This week’s weigh-in marks exactly 1 week after starting a Crossfit-type-group-Boot Camp – Class.  (*Talk about a tongue twister*)

This week would also mark nearly a month since I completed my marathon training — meaning a month with no serious running training going on!  I’ve decided to take a break to avoid burn out and to avoid icy roads this winter.  The Boot Camp class is a great way to challenge myself in a new way while still getting in some fitness.

During this break, I’m refocusing on my healthy habits, trying to form new healthy habits, and challenging myself physically in new ways.

Needless to say, all the change in routine is definitely showing on the scale!


Here are some snapshots from my smart scale.


Ugh — back to that dreaded 190?!!!

Plateau – Oh No!

I’ve been trapped around 189 – 190 since December of 2011 — after I lost around 36 pounds.  I’m still hovering around this 30-36 pounds lost mark.  It’s not for lack of exercise, as I’ve run and worked out more than ever before.  I think it’s directly linked to my eating patterns.  So I’ve been analyzing my eating patterns (you can read more about there here) and feel like these are my top three issues:

  1. Emotional Eating – Whenever I’m anxious or angry, I can’t eat.  My stomach turns in knots and gets upset, so eating is a non-issue in times of great stress.  Whenever I’m happy or sad or feeling needy, my stomach turns into a bottomless pit.
  2. Eating too quickly – I’m a HOOVER once my plate hits the table.  Whenever it’s meal time, I’m just so concerned about getting all the food in, that I barely chew it!  I also will be going
  3. Eating inconsistently – This is somewhat linked to #1 in that I’ll eat whatever “sounds” good or whatever I’m craving in the moment.  While I do believe that there should be some variety, having a routine with a handful of go to healthy meals will help in the long run.

To directly address these issues, I’ve designed a few goals for myself and will do check ins to see how I’m progressing.

Goal 1:  Acknowledge emotions before mindlessly eating or not eating.  Allow yourself to feel the emotions instead of trying to bury them or wish them away.  Feeling these emotions is really an honor — as they are a reminder that I’m a multi-dimensional being!!

Goal 2:  Slow down & chew!  I aim to do this by using a few simple tweaks; taking more time to chew each bite, putting my fork down between bites, and having a sip of water before preparing my next bite.  **this routine is going to take time, but with each meal it’ll get easier and easier

Goal 3:  Find a groove for meal planning — a set handful of breakfasts and lunches and snacks to rotate between leaving dinner to mix it up.


Jell-O Legs!

Bootcamp is kicking my butt!  I’ve been to four classes now — and the first three were challenging, but fun!  Last night’s class was the toughest so far… but it was tough for everyone!!

Here’s what we did:

Warm up:

  • 15 Shoulder pass throughs
  • 15 pvc good mornings
  • 15 ring rows
  • 15 air squats to med ball
  • Sampson Stretch


  • 50 ring push ups


  • 150 jump ropes, then five rounds of:
    • 10 Wall balls with 8 lb medicine ball
    • Over head weighted lunges with 8lb medicine ball
    • 10 russian twists with 8lb medicine ball
    • Over head weighted lunges with 8lb medicine ball
  • 150 jump ropes

How it went:

It took me nearly 35 minutes to get to the last set of jump ropes… and it felt like jumping rope with cement on my legs.  SO HARD!

We all started in a cluster doing jump ropes.  Then, as we finished, we started at the wall to squat and throw the medicine balls for wall balls.  Once we finished, we had to do the lunges… supposedly 10 and then Russian twists before 10 more.
The group did those darn lunges from cone to cone — spreading the entire width of the gym space.  I counted — it took 8 lunges (counting L, R as 2) to get to the midpoint.  This means 16 lunges there, then a break to do the 10 Russian Twists, then 16 back.  We had to repeat this torture 5 times!


I could keep pace with a few of the other girls for the first round or two — but then I had to stop more to shake out my legs.  As I looked around, I noticed others taking breaks so I didn’t feel so bad… and EVERYONE was dying.  Clutching their legs, hugging their medicine ball, and panting – just like me!


The last round was the worst.  I wanted to stop.  I finished 4 round when everyone else was finishing their last round… so by the time I went for my fifth and final round of the Wall Ball – Lunge – Twist – Lunge mess, I was flying solo.  I just tried to close my eyes and get it done.  Instead of listening to those inner voices that were all negative and trying to make me feel self conscious – I just worked.


And I’m proud to say that I got it done!


Today — I can’t feel my legs.  When I tried to walk the dog, it was like walking on Jell-O Legs… jell-o jigglers.


Are you a speed eater, like me?

What are your eating/diet/healthy lifestyle goals?

Have you ever tried a Crossfit/Boot Camp workout?  How did it go?




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