Tummy Pain & A Weigh In!

Tummy Pain & A Weigh In!

I’m not dead!!


There’s looking on the bright side!


Now for the Tummy Pain bit


Apparently I had some sort of infection in my digestive tract… how gross is that??!

I’m still undergoing testing — but here’s the scoop.

Saturday, Hubby and I were having a great date day!  We went to the gym, we took a nap, we watched a football game, and we went for a late dinner/movie.  Halfway through dinner, I just had a weird feeling in my tummy — and I made a dash for the restroom.  The pain was incredible… and our date night was cut short.

I went on a liquid only diet and went to urgent care first thing the next morning.  Now I have appointments with specialists and two fun new medications to take.

While it’s been a few days, I’m still on a “soft foods only” diet… and I have no desire to eat big meals — though I’m hungry all the time.


Weigh in

I realize that this week’s Weigh in is totally distorted by the fact that I haven’t been eating like normal, but I weighed in at 187 this morning.

I’ll keep an eye on it and update once I’m back to normal — but all my Googling leads me to believe it might be a while before that happens.



I’m still planning to have turkey and mashed potatoes tomorrow! 😀



Have you ever had any tummy issues?

How was your weigh in this week?

What foods are you planning to eat tomorrow?


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