Measurements Monday #2

Measurements Monday #2

Can you believe it’s been a month since I last updated my measurements?  Time flies — especially during the holiday season.  It’s already December!  I guess I should get my shopping done :/

Current Measurements

  • Waist: 40.5″  (-0.5′)
  • Chest: 37.5″  (-0.5″)
  • Hips: 42.5″ (-0.5″)
  • Biceps: 11.75″  (-0.25″)
  • Thighs: 24.5″
  • Neck: 14.5″
  • Wrists: 6.5″

This nets a total loss of 1.75″ — I’m so ready for more to melt off!


I haven’t changed any of my eating habits — as that’s still something I’m working on — but I’ve been hitting they gym and am really trying to melt away especially in the waist and hips.

Results from Happy Scale:



These results are a bit skewed due to my tummy issues that I’ve battled for the last 12 days or so… but I’m thankful!  Anyone else lose weight over Thanksgiving?


Health Update:

Speaking of tummy issues — I’m feeling much better now!

I went to a bunch of doctors and had every kind of test run.  All they can figure is it must have been a case of Colitis — though they don’t know what exactly caused it.


One hypothesis is that the sinus infection antibiotics caused it…. another is that running the marathon aggravated and irritated my digestive system (due to the 7 hours of blood going else where) which caused inflammation which lead to a possible infection?


Since there’s no single cause, I’ve just been instructed to return to the doc immediately upon symptoms returning — but I really hope the symptoms never return!


How’s your progress this month?

Do you track inches or pounds or both?

Do you have any goals for the few weeks left in 2016?

2 thoughts on “Measurements Monday #2

  1. That is great to hear that you are feeling better!! I too hope it doesn’t return. Stomach pains are no fun at all 🙁 My only goal this year is to run further than I ran last year – and I’ll take .1 miles over, I am not picky! I’m on track so far – should be hitting 1,815 miles. Hooray!

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