PR’s and Pecan Brittle

PR’s and Pecan Brittle

Started this morning at my gym with hubby.  We decided to warm up with a 500m row and work on some Deadlifts, bench press, and knee ups.

Until I started lifting and doing functional fitness, I only ever associated PR’s with running times.  After today, I know that a PR can be applicable to many more things.


Today was my third or fourth time doing deadlifts – ever – and I was able to deadlift more that 75% of my body weight!

Old PR – 115lbs

Current PR – 155lbs!

An increase of 40 pounds!  I honestly felt like I could do more, but it would be pushing it…

Bench Press

Bench presses and I have been acquainted for a while now.  I started with 55 lbs on a Smith Machine (at a dear friends house).  I gradually grew in strength and it showed today!

Old PR – 65lbs

Current PR (2 reps) – 80lbs


These are a bit scarier, but my hubby was spotting me — which made me dare to add more weight! WOO!


Knee Ups/Dead Hang

I had time to work on my grip strength!  11 seconds was my previous record for dead hang — and I did them today for 12 seconds after working on my knee ups!

I successfully did 3 sets of 5 knee ups (with breaks in between sets) without a bench or box to rest on between reps.  I just hung there — WOOT!

I’m going to continue to work on Pull Ups and Knee ups — with an ultimate goal of 1 unassisted pull up and 1 toes to bar.



  • PR-ing my 5K time
  • Deadlift Body Weight
  • Bench Press 95lbs
  • Toes to bar
  • Pull Up
  • Handstand Hold for 10 seconds


What are your current goals?

How are you going after them?

How do you PR in other areas (besides running)?



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