Good morning!!


Happy 5 days until Christmas to you all!


This morning, I decided to share with you what I’ve been working on since on my break from running.  I’ve written about my Crossfit/Bootcamp class, which I’m still taking 3-4 times a week.  This group experiences has opened so many doors for both Hubby and I!  It’s been amazing, even if it’s only been about a month.


My Handstand!

My ultimate goal of becoming a ninja requires meeting several objectives though baby steps.  The little steps are designed to help me gain strength and agility.

One big objective is the handstand.  I want to be able to hold a free handstand for 10 seconds.  Baby steps include developing wrist & hand strength, wall handstands (90 degrees and as straight as possible), spotted handstands (where a spotter helps pry me upright and steadies me), and of course the free handstand.

Last night, while working at the gym, I was able to hold my spotted handstand for 12 seconds!  I even asked my spotter to slowly release their grip/steadiness as the seconds ticked by – so I could begin working on balance – and I didn’t fall immediately!  (Note: I wouldn’t let them release me completely, just mostly).


His Deadlift!

I have to brag on the Hubster for a minute — that man is STRONG AF!

He’s never really been into fitness or training of any sort.  The few times I’ve begged/pleaded/guilted him into working out with me, he’s hated it.

Cardio isn’t his thing, so running is definitely not his thing.


Since he’s anti-running, the last 5 years of my running and training for races have been lonely.


Then we started this group class together.  All of a sudden, we’re bonding over lifts and movements.  He’s my spotter for the above handstands.  I’m his spotter for bench press, etc…  He cheers for me, I cheer for him!


I was really cheering on Saturday.  We both went in to work on some basic lifts.  Deadlift was first — and he crushed it.  His initial goal was 200lbs but really “just to see how much” he could lift.

He made lift after lift — adding weight each time — until he crushed 300lbs!!!  WHAT??!!


This from a guy that has NEVER lifted before — NEVER strength trained before — NEVER deadlifted before!!  He learned the lift and then crushed the lift!!!

I’m so proud of him!


Do you train alone or with others?

What are you working on right now (in the gym or on the road)?

What goals do you set for yourself?

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