Let’s Catch Up!

Let’s Catch Up!


Today’s the first day of a new semester as well as the first official day where I feel “back” to myself after vacation.  What is it about travel, holidays, and family that gets me way off course?  It feels nice to be back into a routine again.

The past few weeks, hubby and I drove nearly 3 thousand miles to visit all of our family and friends.  We ate, we drank, and we sat around a lot.  Sure our spirits were refilled with all the love and fun times we had — but our butts definitely filled up!

Every time we visit our northern family and friends, we make a sort of mental wish list for foods that are otherwise impossible to get.  Bettermade Potato chips, Faygo pop, and Tim Hortons are just a few of our favorites that can’t be found locally.  In previous years, the same situation would make me constantly worry about calories or points or 21 day fix containers.  The food situation during the holidays is enough to get anyone to quit any diet they’re on.  I would attempt to “be good” and stick to a diet or meal plan — but then end up binging on all the foods I can’t eat year round.

Nothing like ringing in the New Year feeling so depressed and sick and gross… right?


This year was different.  I didn’t think about it.  I ate what sounded good when I was hungry.  I snacked when I wanted, but also tried to watch my portions.


While I’m sure this didn’t help my waistline, it definitely helped me enjoy myself and actually feel ready to eat “better” foods.  I indulged in treats during the holidays and now I feel like I’ve had enough treats for now.


Weird right?


How was your break?  

Do you normally indulge around the holidays?

Or are you consistent with your meal plan even when surrounded by temptations?



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