Workout Wednesday – Split Jerk!

Workout Wednesday – Split Jerk!

It’s Wednesday and I’m feeling better today!

My body is sore, but not completely wiped out from the workout last night.  I’m sure it’s because Hubby and I took Sunday AND Monday off to recover — we pushed it pretty hard Saturday!

Last Night’s Workout

Sometimes walking into the gym for my Crossfit class is like walking into a foreign classroom– and trying to decipher the board requires a dictionary and an expert in hieroglyphics.  Last night’s workout board looked like this:

  • W/U – OYO
  • Gymnastics – 50 ABMAT SitUps
  • Endurance
    • EMOM (10min)
      • 20 Double unders or 50 single unders
  • Strength
    • 15 minutes to find one rep max of Split Jerks from the rack
  • MetCon
    • 3 Rounds of
      • 15 snatches (75/45)
      • 15 Wallballs (I did this with an 8# ball)

How did it go?

This was probably one of my favorite workouts so far!  I felt like I was KILLING IT during the jump ropes — until the last few minutes.  For some reason, after doing 7-8 sets of jump rope — my body just couldn’t remember how to jump rope!  I ended up whipping myself with the rope over and over!  What a dummy…


The strength was super fun!  Split jerks make me feel like a friggin machine!  Throwing weight around always does that to me.


I easily progress from 45lbs to 95lbs — and ran out of time but could’ve done more — and will do more next time!


The MetCon was TOUGH!  It seems pretty straight forward, but it was TOUGH to finish under 8 mins.  My time was 7:26 — and that was not the fastest (someone else finished in like 6 mins?) — it was nuts!


I was out of breath and drenched in sweat afterwards!  I guess that’s a good feeling though — as it means I pushed it and gave it my all?



How are your workouts going?  

Do you like getting drenched in sweat for your workouts?

What makes you feel like a machine?

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