Rock Climbing!

Rock Climbing!

In the spirit of doing something fun and active, hubby and I ventured out with our gym peeps to do some indoor rock climbing!


We had done it before — maybe a decade ago — but really were so excited to do it again!


Here are some things I learned:

  1. Rental harness = really uncomfortable

  2. You need grip strength like WOAH

  3. “All you can climb” nights are good deals!  “all you can eat pizza and climbing” are the BEST DEALS!

  4. Trust your climbing instructors

  5. Don’t trust your friends — they’ll check their phones when they should be watching you

  6. Even the strongest guy in the gym has his limits!

  7. Reaching the top is the best part

  8. I’m part spider monkey

  9. I HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!


 What do you do for fun?

What’s the most random date night out you’ve ever been on?

Do you have a favorite non-gym activity?

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