Today was a totally new experience for me — I went to see a nutritionist.


It was my husband’s idea — he found the nutritionist, made the appointment, and even planned out the day around it.  He and I both wanted to have our metabolisms tested and meet with a specialist to discuss the results.  The whole thing was fascinating!


Here, breathe through this

Our appointment started with taking turns breathing through a tube hooked to a machine.  We had to pinch our noses closed and only breath through our mouths and this machine for a full 10 minutes.  While one of us was hooked to the machine, the other would talk with the nutritionist about our diets, activity levels, and goals.

Hubby went first — bless that man — he breathed in and out of the tube for his allotted 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, the machine beeped and he was able to join the conversation.

His results were printed out by a computer, which showed lots of information about his oxygen consumption, his breathing rate, and how many calories he’d need per day.  It also showed an estimated metabolism based on this info — and apparently hubby’s metabolism is on the slow side of average for his height and weight and age.  Something like 16% slower than the predicted average.

When it was my turn on the machine, I realized just what a challenge it was to not only breathe through only my mouth, but to also not be able to swallow for 10 minutes!  I really thought I was going to drown! SO MUCH SALIVA!

Just when I thought I was for sure a goner, the machine beeped and my test was over.  When the results printed, I was eager to take a look!

Turns out, I’m completely opposite my husband.  My metabolism is about 16% faster than the estimated average for someone my age, height, and weight.  My pulse and breathing rate were lower and my overall oxygen consumption was more efficient.  I took this as a cool sign that I’m on the right track.

Goal setting & next steps

When we discussed our goals with the nutritionist, we made it clear that while we want to both reach a healthier weight, we were unwilling to sacrifice athletic performance for a number on the scale.  Both of our goals were performance based — and the nutritionist said she’d design plans around those goals.

Our next steps were to discuss food preferences and start planning out menus with new targets.

My calorie target is roughly 1700 per day with a focus on protein.  She split my Macros to 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat.  Hubby was set around double this calorie allotment but similar macros.


Now we wait — she’s making personalized meal plans from our preference list.  She’s going to plan in all the meals to fit within balance of our calories and macros.  Once she sends us our menus, we’ll be off and running!


Have you ever met with a nutritionist?

How do you balance your exercise and eating?

What steps have you taken to meet your goals?


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