Escape Room!

Escape Room!

Hubby and I are trying to not do our typical “dinner and a movie” dates — which are really just “eat here and then eat there” dates.

So we tried an Escape Room this weekend and it was SOOOO FUN!!!

First impressions

We had never been to an escape room before — but decided to go with friends that had done a few.  This way, they’d have experience we could lean on.  The location we picked was brand new to all of us and we picked the most difficult/challenging room available.

The building itself was built in 1850 — and most of the architecture was left completely unchanged.  It was so neat!

The owners just added plumbing, electricity, and cameras to the already established rooms. It had a cool vibe from the moment we entered.  Our actual escape room was so cool!  Can’t even describe it!


The goal is simple, get out of the room

In order to get out of the room, you have to solve gobs of puzzles.  To add pressure, you have an 60 minute time limit.

To escape, you really have to rely on the other people on your team.  For our room, there were 8 total members on the team.  That meant four of us and four strangers all had to collaborate.

It really was so fun!


I recommend this to anyone who like solving puzzles!

Would you try an escape room?  Have you tried one already – if so, what’d you think?  Should we do it again?

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