Killing it

Killing it

Hubby and I have been killing it in the gym lately — and it’s starting to tax us!

We are so beat that we decided to take the day as a recovery day — a passive recovery day where we are just going to relax and be lazy!

Throughout the day I plan on foam rolling and stretching because my legs are killing me!
Here’s why:  last nights workout was from a previous crossfit open 15.5

It was 27-21-15-9. Calories on the rower and thrusters. I did 45-lb thrusters which is the scaled down version of the 65 lb prescribed workout. 

It was brutal.  

My legs were jello coming off the rower and to have to launch into the thrusters squat was dizzying — but finishing it makes me so happy!
My time wasn’t stellar, but I’m still happy with it — it was just under 14 minutes. 
What are you doing today?  

How are you working out and recovering?  

Anyone ever try this workout? 

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