Row the Boat!

Row the Boat!

Red Line

You know that feeling when you’re working out/running hard when all the sounds around you are blocked out and all you can hear is your heartbeat and ragged breathing?  I think some people call it Redline-ing. When you’re giving it all you’ve got — and your body knows you’re focused, so it shuts down all other functions to redirect your energy to working…

The red line refers to the that little red tick mark on your speedometer — towards the top of the gauge.  This little red line is the upper limit of your far in terms of speed.  In a workout, the red line is when your body starts telling you to slow down, sit down, and stop!

The trick is riding this red line — pushing as much as possible without overdoing it so much that you collapse.


The Reason

You’re probably wondering, what got me thinking about this red line….

27-21-15-9    <—  Those numbers are the reason.  My coach programmed a workout of Calories on the Rower & Thrusters.  Four rounds – 27-21-15-9 – with no breaks — for time.

First we had to row for 27 calories on the rower

Then we had to do 27 thrusters… I did them at 45lbs (just the barbell)

Then we jumped back on the rower for 21 calories followed by 21 thrusters, then 15 calories and 15 thrusters, and finally 9 calories and 9 thrusters.

I was DEAD by the end of the workout!!


Row the Boat

This is something I had to shout to my husband.  We took turns and I went first, finishing around the 14 minute mark.  Hubby went afterwards and really struggled to come in under 33 minutes.  His cardio isn’t there (not that mine is, but you get me) — and he did HEAVY thrusters (10 at 95lbs before I talked him down to 65lbs).

I just kept cheering him on and urging him to just row the boat!

In this case, I actually meant row the boat — in most cases when I scream this at him, I mean to just keep pluggin along.  Just one more rep.  One more calorie.  One more mile…


It’s such a great take away that applies to my life in other areas:  Sometimes in life, that’s all we can do — row the boat.  When things get hard and we’re tired/worn out/fed up — all we can do is row the boat — chug along — keep moving forward.  


How is your training going?

What’s your very least favorite workout?

Have you ever redlined?

Tell me all about it in the comments! 😀



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