What grinds my gears…

What grinds my gears…

Warning: a Rant follows!  (I’ll try to make it brief…)


Do you know what really grinds my gears?  Being volunteered to do something by someone else.  Like, “Oh ___ can do that!”.

I especially dislike it when I’m volunteered without even being (1) present for the conversation and (2) fully aware of what I’m being volunteered for.


This happened to me the other day — as I work with some folks that are vastly different from me.  First, I’m pretty type A.  If I want someone to do something, I’ll ask them as directly as politeness allows.  Most of the people I work with are type B — so they beat around the bush, hinting and hoping that I’ll eventually offer my services in just the way they need.


I don’t like this.


**End of rant.



What grinds your gears?

Do you like being volunteered for things?

Are you more type A or type B?

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