The Crossfit Open has officially started!

That’s right — even though I’m not a legit Crossfitter, I’m in the open.  I’m not in it to win it (I have no delusions about this)– I’m in it to give it my all and mark a benchmark for what I can do right now.






Last night, the first workout (17.1) was announced!  I’m going to try to complete it today.

After sleeping, my body just feels tight and sore.  It usually does — so I’m trying to approach this like a normal workout.  This is a long one — 150 total snatches (75 on each arm) 75 total burpee box jumps/steps — so I’m going to try to pace myself.


If I go out too fast and get my heartrate up, I’ll burn out too quickly.  With the 20 minute time cap, I don’t want to go too slowly – so there’s going to have to be some sort of balance to my pacing.  Fast enough to push myself, but not so fast that I burn out.


Are you in the open?  

How would you approach this workout?  

What does your workout look like today?

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