Anxiety, Death, EXCITEMENT!

Anxiety, Death, EXCITEMENT!

Those are the three stages of the Crossfit Open so far!  (Anyone else?  Just me?)

Anxiety — Experienced prior to workout starting.  Symptoms include: Pit in stomach, worrying all day, clammy hands, lots of ear

Death — Experienced during workout.  Symptoms include: extreme sweating, fatigue, and possible vomiting

EXCITEMENT — Experienced after workout.  Symptoms include: Happiness, extreme elation, and the desire to do it again!

How’d it really go?

I did 17.1 and I didn’t die!


I’m not going to lie — it was rough.  Anyone who did it knows this.  I didn’t finish all the movements before the time cap (20 mins seems like forever, but it really isn’t).  I could’ve finished the workout entirely – but I would’ve needed a few more minutes (maybe 5-8 mins more depending on how many times I felt the urge to totally vomit).  

I made it through to 12 of the 50 dumbbell snatches before time was called — but I did do it with a 25lb dumbbell (since my gym didn’t have any 20lb dumbbells yet) — so there’s that as a bonus.


Those darn burpees though!



How did you do on 17.1?

I double dog dare you to try this and let me know how you did!




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