Cheat Day? Or no Cheat Day?

Cheat Day? Or no Cheat Day?

Current Eating Moods

After meeting with a nutritionist and giving her the log in information to MyFitnessPal (the calorie tracker I use daily) — I feel more accountable for what I’m eating on a day to day basis.  It’s only been about a month, but I’ve started to see myself “normalize” into a few routines/set meals.

For breakfast, I’ve been loving on Eggs.  I’ll hard boil a bunch one day, then bring 2 at a time with me for quick breakfasts at work.  I’ll also eat some kind of carb (oats, or fruit, or toast) and nibble on anything that’ll get my protein to 20g.  I’ve been making hubby Baked Scotch Eggs.


For lunch, it’s been a rotation of salads or leftovers — making sure to hit the protein goal of 20g *which is harder than it seems*.  Bringing in my lunch at work has been super helpful — as I can plan out what I eat prior to leaving home that morning and know that I’ll be on track and hitting my goals all day long.
The fruit of the month for this household is cuties/halos — little baby clementines.  They’re sweet, portable, and super easy to peel & eat.  The crisp citrus bite helps balance out any richness left on the palate from protein infused meals — and it’s a nice take on “dessert”.


What about eating out?

Well we’ve discussed it with our Nutritionist (via email) and we’re trying to limit eating out to 2 lunches and 2 dinners per week.  So far, we’ve been pretty “on target” — but even when we eat out, we try to stay within our calorie and macro limits.



This brings us to the big question — Cheat day or no Cheat day??

It seems like as often as once a week or as few as once per month, hubby and I feel the need to really indulge.  I don’t want to deny myself to a point where I fall off the wagon — but I also don’t want to derail my progress.  Finding this new normal is a going to take a while — and consistency — but we want all changes to stick.  So if we start incorporating cheat days or cheat meals, we want it to be in a sustainable and safe way.


We’ve seen some youtubers with their 10,000 epic cheat days… but that just seems sick and wrong!


But then the PMS hits and I start to find it more and more sensible/doable.


What are your thoughts?

Do you include a cheat meal/cheat day into your routine?

What’s your favorite indulgence?


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