17.2 was all about those Pull Ups

17.2 was all about those Pull Ups

Can I do them?



Well I can manage with assistance from little rubber bands that make it so I’m not having to pull up my entire body weight.  I can also do what’s called a jumping chin over bar pull up.  This is where the pullup bar is lowered to about 6 inches above my head… and I squat down and really jump myself up over the bar.  It’s still an upper body workout — since the last bit is all arms to get your chin over the bar — but it’s not as rigorous as a normal full bodyweight pull up.

The more I go to Crossfit, the more I learn that there are different types of pull ups — Strict, kipping, and butterfly.  The last two use swinging of sorts to get your momentum going up.  I can’t do any variety of these — but haven’t really attempted the swinging bit.  I also always use an over hand (or palm away) grip.  I’ve not used a underhand (palm facing me) grip or a mixed grip to see if those are easier.

Why does this matter?

This week’s Crossfit Open workout is 17.2 — and has pullups in the scaled version of the workout.  It’ll be a major stopping point for most people that don’t have their pullup (like me!)

Here’s the workout details:  12 minutes As Many Round/Reps as Possible of

  • Rounds 1 & 2:  50ft Dumbbell walking lunge, 16 knee ups, 8 dumbbell cleans
  • Rounds 3 & 4:  50ft Dumbbell walking lunge, 16 pull ups, 8 dumbbell cleans.
  • Repeat rounds 1-4 until time is up.

I’ll be able to do rounds 1 and 2 — but round 3 is where I’ll be stuck for a while.


Can you do a pull up?

Have you always been able to do a pull up?

Do you have any tips or strategies for me?



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