10 Rounds for time

That’s right — this week marked the last week of the 2017 Crossfit Open and the workout has 10 ROUNDS of 9 Thrusters and 35 jump ropes.  For RX it’s 65 pound thrusters and 35 double unders.  For Scaled vixens like me, we had 45 pound Thrusters and 35 single unders — which was amazing because I could literally single under all day.  Double unders are a whole different story  0_0.  I’m lucky to get one of those awful things!


Don’t blow up

My tip to myself for this workout was “don’t blow up”.  Meaning, I didn’t want to take it so fast initially that I had nothing left for the remaining rounds.  10 rounds is a TON, so the real workout began around round 6-7.

I didn’t want to break up the Thrusters — so I took it a little slower on the single unders.  This was super smart — because I was able to finish the whole thing in under 11 minutes!  BOOM!



This workout had lots of challenges, but the most prominent for me was all the transitions.  Having to start with the bar then switch to the rope and back and forth provided way too many opportunities for the “quit” voice to pipe up.  I really had to just ignore it and push forward.



How did your workout go?

Did you meet your goals this week?

If you participated in the open, how did it go for you?

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