Deadlifts and Double Unders

Deadlifts and Double Unders


Some days in the gym are a real struggle for me — but then others, like last night, are such a thrill!

Last night we worked on Deadlifts and tried to find a new PR (Personal Record).  Our coach gave us around 30 minutes and there were a big handful of us all working on it.  Very quickly, we noticed that if all of us work independently, we’ll run out of plates!  So we decided to team up.  First, myself and another girl paired up, but quickly needed more plates — so then we formed a quad with another pair.  The quad ended up being two ladies and two gentlemen — and for a while I just pulled whatever weight they put on the bar.

Soon I was pulling 200, 225, 250… before I knew it I had pulled 255lbs!! My new deadlift personal record!

I was so proud (and challenged for the first time ever) that I jumped around and go super pumped.  Nothing like the thrill of seeing work pay off to make you feel motivated to keep going!


It was a great night for the gym as a whole — since it had been so long since we tested Deadlifts for PR, EVERYONE was getting a new PR.  Some PR-ed by 5-10lbs, others by 50+!  (Like me!  My previous record was 200lbs).

Hubby got himself a banging PR — he lifted 350#!  I’m so proud of him!


Double Unders

As the universe has a way of balancing itself out, my high of getting a PR on deadlifts was quickly followed by a huge dose of humility.  The workout after deadlifts was as follows:

  • 50 Double Unders or 125 singles followed by three rounds of:
    • 3 deadlifts @ 60% of 1 Rep max
    • 6 burpees
    • 9 Slam balls
    • 400 m run
  • Finishing with another 50 Double Unders or 125 singles all for time

This was the first workout I attempted to do double unders with.  I’m just practicing — but the other day I could string 16 together so I figured it was time to challenge myself.  After all, the only way you grow is if you challenge yourself!

It took me the longest of anyone to finish this workout.  My runs were slow, my burpees were slow, and it took me awhile to get all 50 double unders done.  That last set of double unders had my calves all locked up and I ended up having to do singles — and I kept whipping myself with the rope!  I figure this cruddy workout mixed with my bomb deadlifts make me about middle of the pack overall.  Maybe lower half… but still!  I’m happy!


How are you workouts going?

How do you measure success for yourself?

Have you ever whipped your arms during double unders?

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