Avoiding the Grocery Store

Avoiding the Grocery Store

I’ll admit it — I hate going to the grocery store.  It’s a hugely stressful event for me, but I do it to myself.

I’ll wait and wait and wait before going to the grocery store — even when it means meals are a patchwork of whatever is left in the house (plain toast with a side of cottage cheese, leftover spaghetti sauce on rice, etc…).  This of course means that the house is totally empty of anything edible by the time I work up the courage (read: “shake off the laziness”) to go out.

Today was that day.

I ended up with a huge grocery list which required me to dart from isle to isle while praying I didn’t recognize anyone.

I guess the good news is that now I have food in the house, so I can fall back into my hermit ways.  (Cue Netflix).


Grocery Shopping with My dad

My little legs just couldn’t keep up with my dad’s hurried strides.  He was a man on a mission.

“Eggs, Bread, milk, butter…” he mumbled to himself as his pace quickened.  My job was to keep up, but to do this it required running in spurts.  “Eggs, Bread,…” he continued mumbling.  

You see, as a kid we’d take turns running quick errands with my dad.  Sometimes this meant running to get cigarettes or fast food or pizza.  Other times this meant hitting up Meijer to grab ingredients that mom needed for whatever she was concocting.  I loved these little moments with my dad.  Just him and me.  We’d crack jokes in the car and play the radio way too loud.  It was fun!  Until we got to the store.  My dad didn’t mess around in the store.

We were to stick by his side (which meant running by his side) and to make sure he didn’t forget anything on the list he refused to write down.  His military training helped here — he’d mumble the list to himself as a sort of cadence to walk/march to.  Keeping up was my job and was harder on some days than other.  The list was always short, maybe four or five items, so it was a quick trip in the store and then back to the car for more jokes and loud music.

In many ways I’m like my mom, but once I enter a grocery store I’m 100% my dad.  I have a written list that’s much longer — but I definitely treat it like a military op.  In and out!  No wasting time! March!




Do you hate grocery shopping too?

What’s your shopping style?

How was shopping for you as a kiddo?


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