To all you teachers out there — congrats!  You made it to summer!  (Or you will soon, if you’re not quite out yet).

Around here, kiddos are officially done for the school year, and teachers are in the process of cleaning up their rooms for summer time shut down.  University schedules are a bit different, so our kiddos have been out a bit longer.  I’m actually teaching a summer course, so I’ve had my taste of summer and have already returned to work… but summer school is so different!  It’s heavenly!


Does anyone else feel like they are constantly forgetting to do something during their summer break?  The normal ho-hum of the work week is slow and easy like a warm summer breeze.  To fill my time, I’ve taken to weird hobbies that I normally don’t indulge in…



  • Adult coloring
  • Reading
  • Free Writing (in a notebook with a pen and everything)
  • Long-ish walks with the dog
  • Hitting the gym daily
  • Working out at home when the gym is closed
  • Sewing with the Singer Sewing Machine my mom got me years ago!
  • Sorting out my closet


What do you do to fill your summer?

Do you get big breaks off from work?

Are there any hobbies I should look into?

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