Impending Trips?

Impending Trips?

Does anyone else stress themselves out about upcoming events?  I DO!  I can worry myself into a fit if I’m not careful!  My hubby and I call this catastrophizing – worrying about all the “what if’s” that could happen if worst came to worst.  I have a trip coming up in about two weeks and I’m really trying to avoid thinking about it if at all possible.  If I can, I will avoid putting any energy towards negative thinking until the very last minute — this way I can save my energy and put all my thoughts towards what’s happening now.


Seeing Family

This trip is not a vacation — I’ll actually be working to help a much loved family member with a home improvement project.  It’s going to be dirty and sweaty work, but I’m really looking forward to the end goal of more organized and more spacious!  It’s been a project that’s been talked about for a long time, but now is finally going to happen!

Since I’ll be seeing family, I’m of course worried what they’ll think of me.  Living far away from all family members means they only really get to lay eyes on me for holidays; once maybe twice a year.  This means they get snapshots of my progress – just quick peaks into what I work on daily — my health/fitness/body.


This stresses me out.


I always want to put my best foot forward and be sure that I’m looking healthy and vibrant — but that’s not always possible, because I’m human.  I put pressure on myself to look my best and be my best, but it’s the unsustainable type of pressure that only lasts for the duration of the trip.  I want to lose twenty pounds, eat clean, be perky and workout every day I’m away… totally unrealistic pressure.


Once I’m home, the relief of easing off feels so good it’s a straight up downward spiral to sloth-town.


Does anyone else do this?

Have any tips for me to help me avoid it?






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