Fueling Horror Story to share!

Fueling Horror Story to share!

Yesterday at the gym, one of the other members had a fueling issue and ending up puking after the workout.  It was a short workout and SO FUN, but that didn’t save him.  After he recovered a bit, he mentioned how this happens to him every 4 months or so — he’ll forget his optimum fueling plan and then end up puking after a workout.  

Why did this happen?

I can’t speak for others — but I have a hard time with food in my tummy during a workout.  I’d much rather have a larger meal 2-3 hours before hitting the gym, then have a snack still processing through my digestive track during my workout.  I’ve tried a preworkout meal tons of times; smoothies, small sandwiches, cookies, crackers, nuts — it all ends with me basically burping the entire workout and trying to keep myself from full on v-bombing everywhere!


This poor soul munched on some sweet protein treats as he was walking in the gym, all the while sipping on his pre-workout.  I can’t imagine how badly that must’ve sucked!


My tummy and I have a somewhat close relationship — and I know that she doesn’t like (1) protein right before a workout OR (2) caffeine right before a workout… it’ll make her feel all sorts of messed up.  She also doesn’t do to well with pre-workouts in general.  I think all those years of running really made me more in tune with my stomach and respectful to her needs.  All because I wanted to cross the finish line without vomit on my shirt or poop in my pants.  Goals… gotta have goals…


The 4 month cycle

Something random that hit me about this guy’s situation was the fact that he spoke very candidly about this puke cycle.  He told us how every 4 months he just completely forgets how bad he felt and makes the same mistake.  This makes me wonder if I do something similar — but with my nutrition plan.

I have this maddening cycle that is much shorter than 4 months, but happens all too regularly just the same.  I’ll start the cycle by wanting to feel fit.  I’ll plan well balanced meals and stay on track.  Once I start to feel like I’m on track, I start convincing myself that I deserve a treat — a reward — for all my efforts.  Then I over indulge!  This leads to that slippery slope of binging on junk food, feeling guilty and gross, and starting all over again.

This is not a new story.  I’ve heard it all before.  From others… from me… And when I hear this story from others I just want to shake them!  I want to slap them and tell them to pull their head up and look around!  That there is no point waiting for tomorrow to start over — to just STOP THE MADNESS!  Of course, now that I’m writing this all down, I realize that I’m really screaming at myself to stop.  To chill.  To take care of myself and stop eating like a kid at their grandma’s house for the weekend.

The first step in stopping the cycle is to be aware of your cycle, right?


Yesterday’s WOD

For those of you that would like to know what my workout was yesterday, here it is!

  • Warm up — 3 rounds of: 10 ring rows, 10 dumbbell shoulder presses, and 10 abmat situps
  • Then 100 double unders (*with a 3 burpee penalty any time you trip/break/rest)
    • I was so excited that I did these!  I did all double unders with only a few dozen burpees!  NOT BAD!
  • Then 21-15-9 (For time):
    • Shoulder to Overheads (Push press, jerks, split jerks, or whatever you want to get the bar from your shoulders to overhead at full extension)
    • Toes to bar (I have to scale this — I do knee ups (others do situps instead)).

I finished in under 7 minutes — I did 65 pounds on the bar and knee ups as a modified toes to bar.  I don’t have toes to bar yet — but after everyone had finished, there was a mini coaching clinic that gave me tips on how to progress from where I am to where I want to be!  It’s always exciting when that happens!


Do you have any fueling horror stories to share?

How was your workout yesterday?

Do you have a cycle that keeps repeating in your life?


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