Tuesday’s workout was LUNGES!  I’ve written about lunges before and have experienced a handful of workouts where the predominant movement was lunges.

Lunges and I have a history.

The second time we went to Crossfit, the workout included lunges… and was SOO PAINFUL!

To start with we had to do either 50 double unders or 100 single unders.   At this point, I could only do singles…

Then we had to choose a medicine ball and first complete 10 wall balls with it.  Then we had to hold it overhead while lunge-walking across the entire length of the gym (over 50ft).  Then we had to do Russian Twists with the ball before Lunge-walking back.  This “there and back” circuit was repeated 5 times before finishing up with another set of either 50 doubles or 100 singles.


This workout was a literal pain in my butt!


I could barely walk out of the gym — and then the next day OH MAN!  I couldn’t get up from sitting or sit down (which made going to the restroom impossible, let me tell you!  Thank goodness for handicapped stalls!).


This time felt different

I can feel the progress I’ve been making though.  There’s less pain now, a few days later, than there usually is.  My ability to recover a bit faster, to me, is a proof that my legs have grown stronger and I’m going to chase this feeling!  I want to keep getting stronger, faster, and more capable!


Other proof of progress:

  • I can kick up into a handstand and hold it for a few seconds!
  • I can do double-unders — I did 100 the other day with only a few trip ups!
  • I can lift more in almost all my lifts



How have you progressed?

What are some indicators you look for when checking for growth?

What are some of your targets?


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