Stepping up!

Stepping up!

Yesterday, I stumbled onto this Nerd Fitness article — thanks Steve Kamb!  It’s called “Why You’re Not in Shape (Yet)” and I’m so glad I read it.

In it, Steve discusses how he surveyed 10,000 people to probe the reasons why they feel they aren’t in shape yet or why they achieved success with their health and fitness goals.  This one part hit me right in the face:


If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ve seen my excuses.  These are totally valid excuses – health, mental health, family crisis, hubby, work, etc…  What I liked about this article was that Steve didn’t “poo poo” these excuses as lame or false or not worthy.  Instead, he suggests to honor them by stepping up to the plate.  Give the nod to the excuse for what it is — and the fact to so many others have similar excuses but step up anyway.


I like this.


I’m stepping up to the plate.


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