Water baby

Water baby

My mom used to call us all that — Water babies — we because we loved playing in the water.  Whether it was getting our feet wet in a puddle, splashing around in the sprinklers, or swimming in the lake/pool — we loved the water.

There was a summer when I wasn’t very old, where my mom got us kiddos an inflatable rectangular pool.  She wouldn’t fill it up all the way, so it was really more of a splash pad.  To add to the hours of fun, she’d grab these huge party balloons and fill them full of water.  They’d be bigger than we were!  She’d tuck them in the pool with us and we’d have hours of fun tossing them around or tearing little holes in them and using them as squirt guns!  SO MUCH FUN!


It’s so weird that we loved the water as much as we did, considering my mom absolutely REFUSED to put her head in the water.  Seriously, REFUSED!  She wouldn’t get her ears or hair wet.  Her only move in a pool was to doggy paddle from the shallow to the somewhat shallow end.  If we splashed near her — she’d lose her mind!

It’s so weird!


She’s not a water baby.


We might get it from my dad, since he showed no fear around water.  He’d jump right in, canon ball style, whenever we’d go swimming.


My uncle Johnny was my favorite!  He had a huge house with a huge in-ground pool that was the perfect size!  It looked like a snowman, three circles all butted up against one another, and each circle was a different depth.  The shallow end was about 3 feet deep and the deepest end was 7 feet.  It was SUPER FUN!   And he would always goof around with us kids, tossing us in one at a time.  😀


This time of year, with the 100+ heat and humidity, makes me crave being in the water.  It’s like I ache to be in a pool somewhere.  Gonna make plans to get in the water ASAP!

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