Packing Grid?

Packing Grid?

Like many of you, summers are full of fun road trips, day trips to the beach, and even a few longer trips to visit far away family and friends.  My summer is no different — as I will be taking as much time as I can to visit and help some family and friends.


A down side to this super fun traveling, is packing!  I never know what to pack, especially for a week or longer — as is the case for my next trip here in less than a week *yikes!*  I’m a chronic over-packer — as I’d rather lug around several extra outfits that be left somehow unprepared to tackle the day.  This is a bad thing — obviously — as it means all my luggage is seriously oversized.


My husband is aware of my condition and like the good man he is, offered to help.  He sent me a link this morning to an article by LifeHacker about using a Packing Grid to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.  Packing efficiency at it’s finest!


I’m trying to fly with carry-on only.  This means I have to pack for a week using very limited space.  I’ll be staying with family, so I’ll save space in the toiletries department (no need to cram shampoo, conditioner, etc…).  I’m also going to have access to a washer/dryer — so I can repeat outfits or pieces if needed.  I’ll probably lean on this pretty heavily!


How do you pack when you travel?

Do you ever forget anything?  

Any carryon stories to share?


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