Hubby Love <3 <3

Hubby Love <3 <3

Like many of you, I’m obsessed with my hubby.  He’s my absolute favorite human alive!!  We’ve been together for over a decade and married for 6 years now.  We are in no rush to start a family, so instead we end up spending tons of quality time together — doing things and doing nothing.


This week, I’ll be traveling to stay with family for a week — completely solo.  Hubby has to stay home and work work work!  🙁

This makes me so sad!


I know absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we’ve been through times apart (including a full year after our engagement :(… ).  It’s just weird.  We’re so happy together and really prefer to do things as a couple.  This week might be hard!


It’s also going to be really interesting to see how hubby holds up and takes care of himself.  Since he’ll be at home, I’m expecting him to cook his own meals and clean up after himself.  Being gone for a week would mean that he has to do all the chores for himself… including dishes, laundry, and routine cleaning!  I’m not sure how well it’ll all go down.  I have high expectations for him, though, as I’ll be traveling on week days — he’ll have weekends to catch up if he slacks during the week.


Does anyone else worry about their spouse when they travel?  

What’s the longest you’ve spent apart from your significant other?  

Any tips on quick/easy meals hubby can prep for himself while I’m gone?

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