Fear of Flying!

Fear of Flying!

As a half korean, I’m very good at worrying.  It’s a time honored tradition that was passed down to me from my Korean Mom.  She’s the champ of worrying and her strategies include (1) waves of worry, increasing over time, (2) imagining scenarios where all new levels of worrying can by applied, and (3) being full on crazy faced — with irrational and completely unrealistic worries.

In honor of my flight today, and my worry-crazy Korean Mom,  I have compiled the following list of fears:

  • Missed flight
  • Never making it to the airport because our car broke down 2 miles away
  • Being groped by TSA
  • Having everything I own thrown out by TSA
  • Being taken to a “separate search area” by TSA
  • Having the airline folks deny me my seat
  • Being beaten up by airline security and thrown off the plane for no reason
  • Being beaten up by a random passenger for no reason
  • Being completely blindsided by motion sickness and throwing up before being able to open the barf bag
  • Missing connection flights
  • Starving (not enough snacks)
  • Losing boarding pass
  • Not being able to find correct gate for boarding
  • Being late for boarding and getting a bullsh** seat
  • Spilling beverages and food all over myself
  • Not being able to find my ride once I’ve landed
  • Having a delayed flight which causes a jacked up connection flight — and being stranded in the airport for days
  • Arriving at my destination but forgetting to pack something vitally important
  • Being groped by strangers
  • Not being able to sit in my seat comfortably (because of my chubbiness and rude neighbors)


What else am I missing that I could be worrying about?  

Do you ever worry needlessly?

How have you previous flight experiences been?  (the News lately is all about bad flights!)



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