Macros while on Vacay?

Macros while on Vacay?

Vacations tend to go one of two ways with me.  I’m either hypervigilant with my eating — having a plan, taking time to track calories, and making sure to have healthy alternatives on hand wherever I am.  OR I’m wild and free.  In the latter case, I eat what I want to eat, when I want to eat, until I feel like I’ve had enough.  Some would call these types of days “cheat days” — but I call them “refuel” days, since it fills my heart and belly to eat what I want!


In preparation for this week’s vacation, I made sure to plan on intuitive eating – AKA, wild and free.  It’ll be a really active vacation, so I know I won’t have lots of opportunities to just sit around and eat junk.  Most of the meals will be eaten at home — cooked by me or my family — so there will be control over things like portions and additives.  There will also be times to actually splurge and eat out at my favorite “home” restaurants, and I’m not going to miss out!


Part of planning on living wild and free includes making sure that my eating before I go is on point and that when I come back I get right back and dialed in.  This is so I won’t miss out on any progress!  I’d hate to have a week off and then have to basically start from scratch when I get back in the gym.  I’ve also planned on sneaking in some body weight workouts while I’m away — burpees, push-ups, squats, sit ups, pull-ups, and handstand work.  This is to help balance out the foods I’ll be eating as well as make my transition back to the gym less painful.


How do you eat when you’re on vacation?  

Do you use vacations as a chance to indulge and cut loose?  

Do you have any tips to share to keep me from blowing up like a balloon?

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