So Embarrassed — I want to die

So Embarrassed — I want to die

The other day, some of our friends were getting together to have a big fun day!  Lunch, rock climbing, bowling, movies, dinner, ice cream, donuts,… everything fun!


While rock climbing, one friend fell and really hurt her leg.  We scrapped our plans so that she could be taken to urgent care.  Turns out, our girl broke both bones in her leg!! HOW AWFUL!  She was totally tough though — and only ended up getting upset when she realized she would have to stay off her feet for 6 to 8 weeks.  They are a totally active couple, hitting the gym daily and filling their weekends full of adventures, so being sidelined feels like a loss.  We tried to cheer her up a bit — by bringing over pizza and balloons and a card game that was totally funny!


I think it worked — either that or the pain meds.



So where does the dying of embarrassment kick in? Well, the accident meant a change of plans.  Instead of being out and about, we ended up hosting friends at our place!  And it WASN’T EVEN REMOTELY CLEANED!  Hubby and I have devolved into slobs that only clean when they have time, so it was totally not “mom approved” clean.  I needed to dust, vacuum, steam clean, mop, do dishes, the whole list!  This was the first time we’ve had friends over in a while and the place was NOT up to snuff.





Do you ever feel embarrassed by the state of your place?  

Should I get over it and not care?

How will I ever recover from the disgrace of people seeing my mess?

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