At the eve of my next family vacay, I find myself cursing my past lazy self for not getting on top of the ToDo list!! In order to counter act my procrastination, I'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the duration of the day and part of tomorrow.

This has happened before and I think there are pros and cons to be a little procrasti-nasty.

Pro- I'm super efficient when up against a time crunch

Con – I'm totally stressed out the whole time I'm being efficient. So it's more of an "efficient panic".

Pro- I have lots of relaxing time before the last minute

Con – I don't appreciate the relaxing time because I'm feeling guilty about what I should be doing

Pro – all list items are scrutinized and each item is validated to ensure it's actually worth my time. All non essentials are scratched off

Con – some non essential to do list items would still be nice to get done… and I'll usually have to do them later.

Gotta dash — lots to do today!! ^_^

Anyone else feel a bit procrasti-nasty every once and a while?

How do you feel when you've procrastinated?

Do you have any pros or cons I should add to my list?

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