It’s Friday!! YAY!! But I’m melting

It’s Friday!! YAY!! But I’m melting

The heat wave continues here in NC — I’m literally melting.  Why do I even try to wear makeup?  The second I step out of my super air conditioned home, the wave of humidity and heat just melt my makeup right off.  Like a candle and a blow torch.  Seriously.


Anyone else have this problem?


Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d write about all the fantastic things that have happened this week and things that I look forward to this weekend.



Fantastic Week full of Fantastic things:

  • School starting!  *sniff sniff* Gotta love the new school smell!
  • New Notebook!
  • School supplies shopping with a bestie
  • Back in the gym
  • Eating is on track again & more normal
  • Did laundry
  • Started bullet journal in new notebook!
  • Was first in line for the copier this morning!  WINNING!
  • Found a new shake recipe that is BOMB.COM!  – PB Choco Banana… with PB2… It has just the right balance!
  • Made amazing cannoli pancakes for hubby — he loved them!



Looking Forward to:

  • A treat meal of a huge slice of cake (I’m thinking layered cake with butter cream!  Maybe even chocolate!)
  • Sleeping in on Sunday
  • Trying to catch a movie with Hubby – with popcorn included!
  • Open Gym on Saturday — where I can practice my handstands, work on pull up strength, and get in a WOD (Maybe Grace?).


What was Fantastic about your week/Friday?

What are you looking forward to the most this weekend?

Is it’s “candle and a blowtorch” hot where you are?


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