Tuesday’s Treats 8/22/17

Tuesday’s Treats 8/22/17

Who doesn’t love treats??


To help hubby and I reach our health goals — we’ve been trying to refocus our eating patterns.  While we aren’t calling this a “diet” — we are purposefully avoiding most sweet treats and junk food.  To keep our sanity, we’re allowing ourselves a “treat day” on Saturday evenings at supper time.  That way, if we have a specific craving throughout the week for a treat, we can schedule it and get it on the weekend when it is (1) more convenient and (2) better for our habit forming.  One treat on the weekend is better than having a treat whenever the feeling strikes.


Last week I was seriously craving a slice of really good layer cake.  Tuesday night it just hit me (I blame the How To Cake IT youtube channel… that stuff looks bomb!).  I made a note of it and told hubby — and we made a plan to get some on Saturday.  But when Thursday rolls around, I found myself being tested.

I had a huge meeting that doubled as a potluck with some of my favorite educators.  One brought a huge confetti layer cake to share.  It smelled delicious and looked so yummy — all covered in frosting and sprinkles!!

I can proudly say I resisted!  I didn’t have any and just made sure to be far enough away that I couldn’t smell it or see it!  Once the meeting got rolling, I didn’t even think about it again — since I knew I would get some on Saturday!  I’m thinking this plan will work if I work the plan!


Not all my treats are food related — and this is done purposefully!  Here’s how I’ve treated myself recently:

  • Back to school shopping with my bestie
  • Brand new 400 page notebook for bullet journaling
  • New Sharpie pens
  • Reorganized pencil case and Grid IT organizer
  • I split my chocolate cake slice with a friend!
  • Early to bed night!
  • New instant coffee (sugar free Hills Bro’s Mocha) to keep in my office
  • Snuggles with the pup
  • Movie night with hubby
  • Game night with friends
  • Hand lettering practice


With school back in session, preventing burn-out and staying fresh is my number one priority.  Incorporating treats into my regular life in a purposeful way really helps perk me up!  Just acknowledging my hard work really goes far!


Writing “Tuesday Treat Day” posts really helps bring back into the forefront how bless I am in my every day!  I hope you find ways of treating yourself throughout the week!



What are some of the ways you treat yourself?

What’s your favorite kind of cake?

Do you ever treat yourself to a brand new notebook?

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