Macros Check in — 8/23/17

Macros Check in — 8/23/17

What’s been happening?

I mentioned this in a previous post, but I’m dabbling in flexible dieting or IIFYM (if it fits your macros).  This means I’m basically eating like a normal human, being sure to stick to the calorie goal my nutritionist recommended — as well as her recommended  macro percentages 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fats.

It’s way easier to eat “on target” when consuming (1) foods I cook/prep myself and (2) foods that are closer to a single ingredient.  For instance, a breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast is way easier on my macros than a drive thru breakfast sandwich (duh!).  This basically means I’ve tended to eat at home for the majority of the week, while “treating myself” on a weekend.

Even hubby is on board (YES!) as he’s also wanted to eat better so that all our efforts in the gym show up on our bodies more readily!  There’s nothing more frustrating than witnessing the sweat drip off in streams all week and not see the scale move or feel the clothes loosen.  He wanted to do a twist on the classic “Abs Diet” — from men’s health, which if you don’t know is basically clean eating for beginners.  I’m ALL about it!


Five Consecutive Day Goal

Each week, I’m challenging myself to stay within 10% of my calorie and macro target for five consecutive days.  Basically, Monday through Friday — if I can stay within my macros and calories, I’ve reached my goal.  To help, I’ve stuck to the practice of making note of any craving for a treat and to save it for Saturday’s.  I’ve encouraged hubby to do the same — thus making our “what’s for dinner” conversations a bit easier.  We eat what we eat during the week and save the “_____ sounds soo good” for the weekend!

It also helps that I’ve found a homemade pizza recipe that I can fit into my macros (and that is bomb on a pizza stone in our lil oven) as well as a sweet bite that’s really macro friendly.  Looking at you Dove dark chocolate with almond.  Nutritionist recommended, PointFiveKorean approved!


To keep myself accountable, I’ll check in and post how I’m doing (like I do…).  Here’s the breakdown from last week.

For a quick list, I’ve formatted like Date/Calories/Carbs/Fat/Protein…

with a Target of 1700/40/30/30 and a 10% topping off at 1870/44/33/33

  • Monday — 1698/41/30/29
  • Tuesday — 1658/42/28/33
  • Wednesday — 1793/38/34/28
  • Thursday — 1842/37/34/29
  • Friday — 1429/41/31/28

Saturday was my “treat day” and my Sunday looked like: 1716/40/29/32.  Not too bad!



Obviously getting healthy is its own reward — but if I can get a full month or 4 consecutive weeks of these 5 consecutive days on target, I’ll reward myself with some new clothes!  I’m thinking one new outfit – top, bottom, and inexpensive shoes.



How do you stay motivated to eat right?

Do you set targets/rewards?

Do you track your macros?  If so, got any tips for me?

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