Thursday things — Running in weird shoes

Thursday things — Running in weird shoes

Last night’s workout was probably my favorite and least favorite all in one.  We had to do our own warm up and then run a mile for a timed trial.  This stresses me out to no end!  I pride myself in being able to sustain a leisurely pace for — like forever!  I sustained the chubby kid shuffle, as I call it, for all 26+ miles of my marathon last year.  I’m perfectly content with it!  Running full throttle, on the other hand, is scary stuff.  It feels more like death than what I’m used to — so I hate it.


But it’s also a great way to measure progress — and I have to say, I’m ready to see improvements.  My very first 1 mile timed trial clocked in pretty slow — around 12 min pace.  Which makes sense.  We run these things pretty much on cold legs.  Even with a “warm up” — we are pretty much cold, and that’s bad for your legs.  I’d prefer to run a few light 100-400m and then break to stretch before the actual 1 mile at race+ pace.


My very best 1 mile time was before all my vacay’s this summer.  I clock in right at 10:08 — but that was back in May.  Once we returned from our vacay, my time was back at 12:15.  Last night, 11:54.


I hate to say it, but I’m out of running a mile on dead legs shape.


I also ran in weird shoes — my lifting shoes.  They really made my legs ache!


Next time, I’m going to run in running shoes!  You may ask why I didn’t think to bring a change of shoes last night — it’s because I left them in Michigan!!  There I was, being all good and catching a few miles on vacay — and those shoes slipped under the bed!!  Then when we packed up to come back to NC, they stayed tucked away and now I don’t have them 🙁

I guess I’ll have to break out my worn out and hole-y old shoes!



How are your runs going?

Do you ever do timed trials?

What are your favorite shoes to run in?


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