Just for Fun — Friday!

Just for Fun — Friday!

Bullet Journal?

Behold my new beauty!


(*and ignore the greasy finger prints on the cover… chap stick and I aren’t friends right now*)


This little gem is my new 400 page college ruled notebook.  It’ll be my “everything” notebook until it runs out of pages.  I referred to this in one of my past posts, but now that I’ve used it for a few week — I like-y!


It has a faux-leather cover that’s black and super flexible.  The only drawback is that it’s also prone to picking up finger prints — I’ll have to wipe it to keep it looking sharp.


I’m attempting bullet journaling for the first time and plan to use this notebook as a catch all for notes, memos, lists, and my schedule.  So far I’ve set up the index, a “future planning” spread with some monthly calendars and two weekly spreads.


Here’s a sneak peak at how I labeled my index pages and an example of playing around with (1) what colors look best, (2) which trackers should I use and (3) how to set up my weekly pages.


This is all about trying something new — to better fit my current life.  In the past, I’ve had a much busier life — and needed a more structured planner to fit in all the craziness.  Now, I’m blessed with a job I love that isn’t as hectic.  It’s still busy, but not all the time.  I’ve found that my Erin Condren, while amazing and perfect in size/layout/pages/etc…, doesn’t quite fit anymore.  There were several weeks — even nearly a month — where the whole weekly spread was blank, because I could fit all the highlights on a post it note taped to the cover of whichever notebook would come with me to a meeting.

There was something about having to carry around a planner and a notebook to every meeting that was cumbersome.  I also didn’t like that information was in several notebooks scattered about depending on what type of meeting I was attending.  The LifePlanner did have have a few notes pages, but they just weren’t enough.


This fat lil notebook is hopefully something that’ll help streamline all my information in one place.  A “go to” book.  It’s chunky, but literally the same size as my Erin Condren.  Though it’ll need toting around — I won’t be as frustrated because I won’t also have to bring a notebook.  Does this make sense?


In the past, chubby little notebooks like this have gone with me everywhere and I’ve used up pretty much every page!  We’ll see how this goes.  The nicest part of the whole bullet journal process is that it’s suppose to constantly change to fit your needs.  So when I get to a week where I don’t need a weekly spread, I won’t use one.  In this way, I’ll reflect on my needs and my system and keep experimenting until I’m at a place where things work.


I’ve already noticed that horizontal weekly pages leave too much pressure to add “to do’s” just to fill space.  I hate wasted space, but I also feel it’s wasteful to write things just to fill space.  Having all the days layed out at the beginning of the week has also meant that To Do items that aren’t time sensitive get written from one day to the next until they are complete — another waste of time/energy.


To address these reflections, my next week spread will have one giant To-Do list for the week (for items that aren’t tied to a specific date/time) and a smaller area for the week’s layout so I can still see what’s coming up as far as appointments and time sensitive items.  I’ll update when I have more work done in my lil notebook.

Organized Office supplies

A new school year always means re-assessing school supplies.  This year, I decided to dig up and sort all the leftovers from previous years.

What did I learn?

  • Testing sharpies = headache
  • So many dried up pens 🙁
  • Old pens that don’t dry up often explode
  • Pencils are forever!
  • Random sticky office supplies (and years of past students with less than stellar hygenic practices) = disgusting.  My hands are dried up from the number of times I’ve washed them!
  • Having a single place for office supplies is bomb

Here’s a pic of the re-purposed little caddy/organizer with sharpies and pens uptop, pencils and highlighers and pens in the very bottom big drawer and colored pencils in the slim middle drawer.


What do yo think?



What are you doing just for fun this week/weekend?

Do you have a notebook or planner that you swear by?

What’s your system like?  Share your secrets!! I’m a newb and need to know!

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