It’s Monday and I miss marathon training :(

It’s Monday and I miss marathon training :(


It’s probably the craziest thing, but I totally miss marathon training.  It’s a love hate thing.

  • I love the feeling you get after a good run.
  • I love the sense of accomplishment you get when completing a week of good training.
  • I love feeling like I’m working towards a goal — and then meeting that goal?
  • I love how good you sleep after a hard/long run
  • Taking time out of your day to unplug and be by yourself
  • Having time with your thoughts
  • Exploring new routes in old neighborhoods
  • Gorgeous weather during Fall or early morning runs

But there are things I hate:

  • Always being sore
  • Always being tired
  • Always being hungry
  • Smelling like sunblock and sweat


Can anyone else relate?


Craving that run!

Today it’s 72 and gorgeous out — a perfect fall day.  Partly cloud with a little wind.  I can’t stand how much I want to run!


I’ve decided to start a training plan for a 5K this Fall/Winter.  Today is day 1 — nothing like an on the spot decision! LOL!


What kind of weather makes you crave a run?

Are there things you love about running/training?

Are there things you hate?

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