Weigh in Wednesday – 8/30/17

Weigh in Wednesday – 8/30/17

Long time no see, Mr. Scale

I’ve really enjoyed this summer.  I’ve been on a flexible diet where I eat what I want and don’t really give a lot of thought to what I’ll be eating — a stark difference to the more obsessive overtones I can sometimes take.

I didn’t make a super huge effort to find a jump on a scale every week — instead, I used the fit of my clothes and the way I feel as more of a guide.

Fast forward to school starting a few weeks ago — all of a sudden my clothes feel a bit tighter and I know it’s time to dial back in to more awareness with the foods I’m consuming.  My plan is to find a few meals that are my “go to” — for meals.  Things that make me feel satisfied but not stuffed and help the number on the scale creep back down.


IIFYM Update

My nutritionist recommended 1700 calories and day with macro targets of 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat.

After a few weeks of sticking to this, I’ve found it still really difficult to eat all that protein without feeling super full and kind of gross.  The last few days, I’ve just allowed myself to fall under the targeted 128g protein, 57g fat, and 170g carbs.  I just chose lighter options for my main meals, but still had normal foods.

For Example, on Monday I had a protein shake for breakfast, a snack of yogurt + flax seeds, a chicken salad wrap for lunch, a banana as a PM snack, and a cheeseburger + chips and coleslaw dinner.  Totally normal but my stats look like this:  1256 calories, 89g protein, 45g fat, 137g carbs.  Far shy of my “max” goals.

Incidentally, this lower calorie range leaves me feeling satisfied but not stuffed.

Interestingly, it puts me right at around 30-35 points on the PointsPlus scale.


I’m going to continue using IIFYM and MFP to track the foods I’m consuming.  I’m also going to be sure not to ignore my hunger or fullness signals.  Trying to get all those calories in on a day when I’m not feeling super hungry is such a pain. It’s almost torture!



Cheat Meal/Day?

Why binges or “cheat days” really throw me:

  • Last Wednesday’s weigh in: 196.0
  • Sunday’s weigh in – 197.4
  • Monday’s weigh in – 195.6
  • Tuesday’s weigh in – 192.2

Saturdays are always my favorite days for a cheat meal.  Hubby and I don’t have to work and we can go out and find exactly what sounds best to us in the moment.  The problem with Saturday’s as cheat meal days is that is spirals and ends up being cheat weekends!

I’ve decided to adopt the beloved Weight Watchers Points Plus model of weekly points — and use them for my cheat meals.  I’ll give myself 49 “weekly points” which means I can sort of split up my cheats as I see fit but am still limiting them (instead of to a one shot deal).


I hope this makes sense!

My newest goal is to get below 190 by September 30th.  With the consistency of “back to school” down — I’ll just have to really focus in on the days when I’m at home or working from home.  Gotta make sure I’m not snack-a-lacking!

How was your weigh in this week?

Do you have any system that works well for you?

What are your go to meals?



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