Thursday Things: Gloomy day = Forever selepy

Thursday Things: Gloomy day = Forever selepy

Fall Weather

This week has given us in NC a break from the horrible heat (100+ on the heat index with full humidity).  It actually feels appropriate that school is starting since the mornings are cooler!  It’s almost-maybe-fall-kinda….


Something about the nice weather had me itching for a run Monday — so I did it!  Then Tuesday I crushed a cardio workout at the Crossfit gym (tabata after tabata!)


Mid Week Fun with Friends = ALL THE Treats!

Yesterday was our night off — and we enjoyed fellowship with friends, a dinner at Chick-fil-A and doubled up on treats!  Duck Donuts & Coldstone!  I had one cinnamon sugar donut (that was still hot when I ate it) and a kid cone with Cake Batter Ice cream and Sprinkles.


Almost Instant Regret…

The only downfall is that today I FEEL IT!  We were up later than normal, so I’m sleepy.  We didn’t eat like normal, so I feel weak.  We didn’t workout like we normally do, so I was restless!

There’s nothing worse than the combo of restless but sleepy on a gloomy day!


I figured I’d get started with life now that it’s about noon!   Second cup of coffee, I NEED YOU!



A random thought I have to share — I’m so thirsty after treat days and dinners out!  Last night, on the drive home, hubby had a bottle of water and I totally stole it and chugged it all at a single red light.  Woah!

I am convinced it’s because restaurant foods have way more sodium and my body reacts by craving more water.  I’m also sure my crazy thirst had to do with all the fun we had talking and the fact that I was running around all day.  On days that are warm but  not scalding hot, I’m sure I still perspire without realizing it — so hydration today is going to be a focus!

Beyond the coffee… I’ll also drink lots of H2O!


What things are going on for your Thursday?

How do you pep yourself up on a gloomy day?

Do you ever regret having treats and late nights?

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