Just for Fun Friday — September Bucket List!

Just for Fun Friday — September Bucket List!

Planner Lovers — Unite!

While being bored and lazy one day, (read: “avoiding housework”), I was watching random youtube videos and stumbled across something called a “Plan with me”.  Basically, there is a whole population of folks that plan in their paper planners and share the experience with others!  What?!?

After watching a few of these videos, from various youtubers, I was mesmerized!

I recently started my own Bullet Journal, so it was so neat to see how creative and artistic some people get with the whole system!  While that’s a bit too much for me and my life, I did get lots of inspiration to try new layouts, organize things differently, and got a bunch of tips!

This bullet journal is a first for mean and it meant moving away from my Eric Condren — that I loved!  I realized, while watching these youtubers, that it’s totally natural for needs to evolve when lifestyles and needs change.  After all, an hourly planner like the Erin Condren made total sense when I was a high school teacher with way more on the side of hourly appointments.  It helped with period to period lesson planning as well as keeping track of in between period meetings/phone calls etc…

Now, I find that I have more in the way of big research projects with big due dates and lots of little To-Do’s to go along with them.  I needed more space for brainstorming and keeping track of ideas and less space for hourly schedules.

I guess discovering this whole planner community makes me feel validated in that (1) I’m not the only one who loves office supplies, planners, notebooks, etc… and (2) it’s okay that needs change!  We’re constantly evolving and what’s important is that we continue to identify our needs, clarify and keep what works, and ditch what doesn’t — in order to address our needs.


Seasonal Living List

One of the youtubers I found shared what I assume are her company’s products — her wares, sort of speak.  While it seemed like a bag of “sh** I don’t need” and “sh** I wouldn’t waste money on” — something she had totally inspired me!

She called them her Seasonal living list.  Here’s a screen grab of here September Seasonal Living List:

From what I’ve gleaned, it’s a Monthly Bucket list that perfectly reflect that month’s season!  Hers includes little know “holidays” — HELLO GUACAMOLE DAY!, as well as fun seasonal things like Apple Picking that I really want to do!


My own September List:

While I might not subscribe to the sticker lifestyle, it’s such a great thing to include in her little kits!  I think it’s so great that I’ve decided to start brainstorming my own Seasonal Living List for September — to fit what I like or what I look forward to:

  • Mani & Pedi — With a friend!
  • Guacamole Day – Sept 16 (gonna observe this holiday by partaking)
  • Get and Light a Fall Candle
  • Bake something Pumpkin-y (hubby likes Pumpkin Rolls and I like pumpkin muffins, we’ll see who wins)
  • Go to a Football game!
  • Hot Caramel Apple Cider!
  • Apple Cider and donuts
  • Go apple picking!
  • Coffee Day — Sept 29th (easy to observe)



Did you know that there was such a thing as a planner community?

Do you ever use a Seasonal living list?

What things would you add to this list?


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