Labor Day Monday!

Labor Day Monday!

Running update

Last week, I decided to get my running shoes no and start training.  I ended up tweaking a Couch to 5K workout… which is my go to running plan when I’ve taken time off.  It just works.

Scheduled:  5 min walk/warm up, then 8x 1min run, 90sec recover.  Then a cool down.

I decided to take those 1 minutes runs and turn them into sprints!  I went as fast as I could go for a few of those and then “pretty fast” for most.  My paces ranged from 7-8-9min/mile which is a great target for my sprints.

If only I could sustain such a pace! LOL!

Hubby and I hit up Crossfit Tuesday and Thursday nights — and then again Saturday morning (where I couldn’t decide if I wanted to squeeze in a quick run, or just do some indoor cardio).  The weather was super stormy/tornado-y Friday night, so Saturday morning was a no go — but I still did some killer indoor cardio!

I plan to run this week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings — to take advantage of the cooler air.

This will make week 2 of my “couch to 5k” training plan — and I’m beginning to feel like my old self again!


I need a new playlist

One thing I noticed when working out the other day is that I have a serious need for a new playlist.  Right now, my go to playlist has something like 200+ songs and I can never find the one that would really pump me up.  Does that make sense?


I’m going to trim down and make a “Fall 2017 Running Playlist” for myself and limit it to 20-30 songs.



Labor Day Plans?

I plan to recover!

Saturday we did the Fight Gone Bad WOD and it kicked my butt!



How is your running going?

Do you have any races planned?

Any song recommendations for my running playlist?

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