Weigh In Wednesday — 9/6/17

Weigh In Wednesday — 9/6/17

Five Consecutive Day Goal


Each week, I’m challenging myself to stay within 10% of my calorie and macro target for five consecutive days.  Basically, Monday through Friday — if I can stay within my macros and calories, I’ve reached my goal.  Gonna have to try a bit harder this week, and since it was a long weekend, I’m going to try to have 4 consecutive days and then also Sunday as my 5th day.



Check in time!   With a Target of 1700/40/30/30 and a 10% topping off at 1870/44/33/33, here’s what my week looked like:

Date — Calories/%Carbs/%Fat/%Protein…

  • Monday — 1256/42/30/28
  • Tuesday — 1492/38/30/32
  • Wednesday — 1634/39/30/31
  • Thursday — 1240/40/33/27
  • Friday — 2016/44/30/25
  • Saturday —    2055/46/27/27
  • Sunday —    2130/42/31/27
  • Monday (labor day) —    1706/50/28/22


My “treat days” stretched into the long weekend, so I was sure to include them here


Weigh In

I weighed in on Tuesday this week — to see what the damage was after the long weekend.  The scale says: 193 even.  Not as high as I was expecting!


New Goals

I love having goals and checking off that I’ve completed them is a total motivator — so I’m going to set some goals for myself:

  • Get below 190 by end of September
  • Get below 180 by the next Crossfit Open (Feb 2018)
  • Get to 170 by May, my birthday month! (that’s around 2-3 pounds per month for 9 months)




How do you stay motivated to eat right?

Do you set targets/rewards?

Do you track your macros?  If so, got any tips for me?

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