Thursday things

Thursday things

Thirsty Thursday Lives on!

Remember this double wall insulated water cup?  It’s still going strong!

I have noticed, in bringing it with me to the gym and back on the regular, that it’s not as “thermally insulated” as it’s been in the past.  The ice just seems to melt super quick — even now that the temperatures are less than 100.


Maybe it’s time for a new water jug/bottle?


Hubby has a Yeti mug for his milk/water/iced drink of choice — and it seriously holds the cold.  Ice will stay in it for literal days… even this one time it was left in the car!



With school back in full swing, I have definitely fallen off the hydration train.  I’m not drinking nearly enough water throughout the day and sometimes don’t even finish my morning cup of coffee until nearly 2pm.

This is not good!

I’m writing this post to help me remember that hydration matters — not just during a workout or after it, but all day every day!


My skin will thank me when I’m drinking enough.  Now, it’s all mad — and it shows!


Have any recommendations for a new bottle/cup that’ll keep cold for a long time?

Do you like drinks cold or do you prefer more room temperature type drinks?

How’s your hydration going today?


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