We Saw IT and survived!

We Saw IT and survived!

This past Saturday, we went to see the newly released version of the Stephen King classic, IT.  I can’t remember exactly when the last time I saw the original two part movie with Tim Curry as the demonically other-worldly Pennywise the clown, I can say that this reboot is like watching it for the first time!


So creepy!


Hubby and some friends kept me company, but I tell ya — SOO GOOD!


The movie’s special effects were seamless — and unlike the older version, you saw it ALL.  Nothing was left to the imagination — and even though we sat up towards the front of the theater, it was really easy to see each and every second.


Throughout the movie, I kept checking on hubby — who is NOT a horror/scary movie fan.  I was expecting to see his face scrunched up in fear, but he was totally calm.  A few of the jump-scares got to him, but that’s how jump-scares work… and since he doesn’t have any particular phobias, I don’t think any of the scenes that would’ve been deemed scary actually were to him.



Have you seen IT?  The old or the new?

What are your phobias/fears?

Do you hate clowns?

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