Weigh in Wednesday — 9/13/17

Weigh in Wednesday — 9/13/17

What a week!

There was a combination of factors that I believe led me to a crazy roller coaster of a week. First, my period was this week — and it hit me like a sack of potatoes.  Second, there was lots of panic about Hurricane Irma coming and I was totally freaking out by mid-week… which caused a bit of stress eating.  Third, the weather really was crappy at the start of the week.  We had some minor street flooding and we just couldn’t get to the gym as planned.

Accountability time!

Check in time!   This week I’ll track calories and then the grams of Protein/Fat/Carbs… starting with my target.

  • Target– 1700 — 134/60/178
  • Mon —  1707 — 94/55/214
  • Tues —  1528 — 125/54/150
  • Wed —  1649 — 116/63/175
  • Thu  —  1885 — 85/59/256
  • Fri    —  2109 — 118/85/223
  • Sat   —  1293 — 82/39/158
  • Sun  —  2466 — 112/111/261

Sunday was when the bottom fell out — Hubby and I did something I hadn’t done in a while — we binged.  We ate a whole lotta McDonald’s!  The worst part is I felt immediately sick after eating it.  Which I guess is actually a good thing.  I really won’t be wanting to feel that way again, nor will I want to be running to the bathroom after a meal like that again.


I’ve decided to focus on my 5 consecutive day goal and wait on the weigh in until next week.


Current food obsession

I’ve been all about this combination — Carb Master Yogurt (either from Kroger or Harris Teeter) and 2 table spoons or so of whole Flax seeds.  That amount of flax makes the yogurt super crunchy chewy so it takes longer to eat and makes me feel fuller for longer.  I’ve been bringing it to work with me pretty much every day and have really enjoyed the mid-morning snack.  This week’s flavor is Strawberry but I may have a few Cherry.  I’ve also had their banana cream, key lime pie, and peach flavors — all are amazing!





How was your week? 

Do you have a current food obsession?

Have you ever done Weight Watchers?  Is it harder for you than IIFYM?

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